KLEAP Security Conference and Community

Like it or not, when it comes to work, our people are the new attack vector, which is why cybersecurity awareness training is so important. While we help protect and empower the company, we know that the first line of defense lies with every single person under the proverbial roof of that company. We encourage our customers, contractors, employees, and partners to remain educated through cybersecurity awareness training because as we’ve recently witnessed, data breaches often create a consequence with serious security damage.

Are we targeted?

As we’ve seen in the news, cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and come in many forms, including aggressive cracking, phishing and spear phishing, social engineering via phone, in person, and even at the workplace. As technology continues to evolve with things like BYOD, the cloud, and therefore the remote workforce, the attack surface is expanding. And hackers are taking note.

It’s not enough for employees to be aware of the potential cybersecurity pitfalls at work. Even if employees follow security protocols within the office, they often ditch other potential attack vectors like personal phones, tablets, and computers, which are often wont to access corporate data.

And sadly, it doesn’t stop with employees. Friends and family are also targets, providing access to information about intended targets. Because of this, employees must emphasize the importance of cybersecurity awareness with those closest to them and follow best practices outside of the workplace. For example, not letting friends and family use work devices, not connecting to unsecured networks via any device, and not using unapproved devices to access company applications and systems.

Your Role?

Each person in a corporation plays a key role in helping to keep off a possible data breach. Employees can learn to be good custodians of the company’s data by adopting security best practices, participating in all cybersecurity awareness training, managing their access, and alerting the appropriate internal contacts once they suspect a breach has been attempted.

And at the top of the day, employees should assume they’re targets and act accordingly by taking simple security steps like locking their computers once they leave their desks, turning off Wi-Fi once they aren’t on the network, and even physical measures like covering built-in cameras and locking laptops in secure locations once they leave the office.

How will KleapCon help?

We want to build and create a community aiming toward cybersecurity. Our job is to educate and equip employees through cybersecurity awareness training, including internal tests like phishing training, targeted attacks, and even social engineering to make sure employees understand the various methods hackers will use to gain entry to the enterprise.

The ultimate goal is to empower employees across vs. stilting them, instilling confidence versus fear, all without compromising security. Make people, aware of technical know-how and empower students on how to take this up as a career option. With this, we will also be creating a holistic community for empowering professionals in cybersecurity and honing the skill as well.